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Welcome y’all! We are glad you're here!

Welcome! So I've been told I should write a blog. If you know me personally you will know I am capable of excelling at many things, however, the ability to sit still and write (key words being "sit still") is HARD for me. Plus, I mean, how entertaining could I be??

Perhaps even more so, outside of random fun facts and sarcasm, a blog will consist of on-going writing, which means, I'll be putting ME, jus ME out there for all to criticize. I'd have to say this by far, has always been a fear of mine. Second of course to bugs with wings, and currently due to tax season, a strong tie with the IRS. Let's be honest, the world loves to judge others. Well really anyone other than themselves, and well I always have struggled when someone doesn't like me, and I can't fix it. Can you relate? I wish there was a switch for that sometimes, but I believe God have us logic, good friends, and in my case dogs, to make it all ok!

So, here starts the bogging ... and I hope you'll join me from time to time to laugh and maybe even learn a little!

Note: grammar is not my gift. I've never been eloquent, though I even those who are. I do always feel inspired after a good movie like "A Cinderella Story" with Drew Barrymore. Wasn't the context just lovely!? I should also disclose I tend to lean on the side of sarcasm. So please embrace with me at times that people and life can be ridiculous, and survival is laughing at it.

Until next time,


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