Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the "about me" section. I'm glad you're here! I am excited to share a little bit about me, Savie Leigh.

When I starting think of what to name my business, it was almost an immediate response for the answer, "Savie Leigh!" Those closest to me including both family and friends, have always called me Savie. So when I decided to create a business that truly reflected ME, it just seemed like the obvious identifying piece.

I have always loved makeup and hair. It was something I could change about myself, that gave me an extra sense of confidence and identity.

Through middle school and high school I competed on a winterguard team and had to learn how to do fun hair styles and of course fake lashes. Even better, we had to know how to due these things not only on yourself but others, while on a moving bus! (If that doesn't make you a pro, I don't know what would!?)


I found with time, I often "escaped reality" with a makeup brush and a smile. No matter what life through at me, makeup and fashion could get me through it. 


In my teens I battled with bullies, and being a bit of a tomboy, It's amazing how ruthless kids can be. As I got older, I found that makeup was something people gave positive attention to, and when I wore it, I recieved compliments, and positive attention. As time went on, I really wanted to help others who may feel the way I did, feel better too. 


When I graduated high school, I became a makeup artist for MAC cosmetics, in Carlsbad CA. I had found my niche, and it was kind of exciting being in a "popular crowd".  Who knew that being good at makeup could be something so many others loved too.


Through the years, I have been lucky to have the opportunity to use makeup as a way to connect to others and show them how beautiful and unique they are. Every time a woman sits in a chair with me, I remind them that today is about simply making the unique features they possess, SHINE! It's about reminding them that models don't wake up that way, and being different is good! 


My hope is every client I have leaves their time with me knowing how special and beautiful, they truly are.